Take note of the good times

Today is a holiday and the boys are all home. This morning began with me thinking, “What am I going to do with them ALL day?!” Quickly followed by, “And how am I going to get all my work done?!” Don’t holidays often begin like that? With dread and with us expecting the worse… but as I was sitting working at my desk, listening to my two youngest playing, I was struck by how quickly we jump on the negatives. Somehow our society finds it a lot more acceptable for people to moan and complain about life, than to talk about how good life is. Why is that?

The conversation that triggered those thoughts went on in the room where they were playing. It went like this …
D – Hey Jason, look what I found!
J – AAH! Danny! You are so awesome!
D – Why am I awesome?
J – Because you found this for me! I so love you Danny! Oh wait, I forgot, I already loved you. ha ha ha
D – I love you too Jason. Even though sometimes I get mad at you.
J – Ja, I get mad at you too sometimes, but NOT TODAY! Today is the best day EVER!
D – JA! Never today, NO WAYS!

It actually made me stop and smile. Those warm fuzzies that we get as parents, and those moments where we fall in love with our children all over again, those are the moments we should celebrate and talk about. They do so much more to ‘fuel’ our souls than complaining about how difficult parenting can be, and how naughty our kids are, and how useless they are at listening. And yet… how rarely do we do that? Somewhere between infancy (where we marvel over their every burp, poop, and gurgle) and toddlerhood, we become less enamoured with our kids, and start to forget about the joy of parenting. They joy they bring to us.

So today was a good day. A wake up call in a way to remind me what joy these little beings can actually bring to us. And when I was eating lunch with them, I made damn sure I commented on what a happy day we were all having and how warm and happy it made me as a mom to see them playing so lovingly with each other.

And that is what I choose to share with you today. Focus on the positives… “When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form. If we are basically positive in attitude, expecting and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction and happiness, we will attract and create people, situations, events which conform to our positive expectations.” (~ Shakti Gawain)

Rediscover the joy of parenting… you deserve it!

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