About Us

Conscious Connections encompasses Conscious Parenting, Conscious Coaching, and Conscious Young People.

Becoming conscious of ourselves, and our actions, is the cornerstone of personal growth. The awareness and insights that are offered through coaching are invaluable. Our passion is changing people’s lives by unlocking their potential and enabling them to make their greatest impact.

Conscious Connections is a GC Partner and uses The GC Index® and Young People Index® as an assessment to help with coaching of individuals, teams and organisations, in personal, familial and executive coaching arenas.

We are great advocates for changing education to align it more with the work world in order to better prepare our youth for their futures. If we know anything, we know that life can be uncertain and the futures the youth face will be nowhere as linear or predictable what we faced. How do you prepare a person for an unpredictable future?

Our honest approach is firmly rooted in authenticity.

Conscious Parenting advocates and promotes awareness of the need for positive parenting in the community, and to provides parenting and coaching services to parents and organisations. We bring positive parenting programs to the community through our Parent Education Department.

Serving Gauteng, KZN and CT, and now the world, Natalee provides one-on-one coaching to families who are eager to upgrade their parenting skills and bring peace and fun to their homes. She also works with teachers, counselors, and parents, presenting keynote addresses, workshops, and courses on empowering families.

About Natalee…

Natalee lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and can be reached on 082-525-7941 or by clicking here.