Oh my word!

Tomorrow my first ‘baby’ turns 13. THIRTEEN?! Really?!

I am sitting here shaking my head about it. Resisting it, really. How can he be 13 already?? I remember the day he was born so clearly. I remember finding out when I was pregnant… standing at my desk when the nurse phoned to give me the news. Collapsing into my chair out of shock.

Heck! I remember TURNING THIRTEEN MYSELF! I had a Hat & Shirt Disco party. My dad painted the garage floor yellow! I had a live DJ, complete with mirror ball and all. I remember dancing with boys and spin the bottle.

AARRGHH!! Surely he is not at that stage yet?!

So as I sit here planning his birthday cake, I am in a very melancholic state of mind, and feeling very emotional about how fast it has gone by. That helpless little baby I held on day one, is now about to sprout hairs and hormones and get a croaky voice. I know every granny and aunt always said to me “Enjoy the madness, it goes by so fast!” But here I am, feeling compelled to tell you too… it honestly goes by way too fast!

We were discussing high schools the other day, and he was toying with the idea of boarding school. My heart sank. I only have five years left of him before he goes off to varisty or on some wild oat sewing expedition over seas… I couldn’t bear to have him leave now and rob us of those last five years. Five years left… that seems impossible.

And so, as I sit here, I want to say to you, MAKE EACH DAY COUNT! Make the memories you want your grandkids to hear. Do the silly things with them that they want to do. Say yes more than no. Make those bonds between you invincible!

You only have them for such a short time. Make it count. And above all that, enjoy the craziness. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t last that long.

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