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Conscious Connections encompasses Conscious Parenting, Conscious Coaching, and Conscious Young People.

Becoming conscious of ourselves, and our actions, is the cornerstone of personal growth. The awareness and insights that are offered through coaching are invaluable. Our passion is changing people’s lives by unlocking their potential and enabling them to make their greatest impact.

Conscious Connections is a GC Partner and uses The GC Index® as an assessment to help with our coaching of individuals, teams and organisations, in personal, familial and executive coaching arenas.

Our honest approach is firmly rooted in authenticity.

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For Young People…

For Families… Conscious Parenting (formerly Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) of South Africa) was founded by Natalee in 2007 because she is passionate about parenting and helping parents realise their dreams of being great parents. She began her career as a Certified Parent Educator and Parenting Coach on the RCB of the Lehigh Valley team in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she lived for seven and a half years.

Conscious Parenting advocates and promotes awareness of the need for positive parenting in the community, and to provides parenting and coaching services to parents and organisations. We bring positive parenting programs to the community through our Parent Education Department.

Serving Gauteng, KZN and CT, Natalee provides one-on-one coaching to families who are eager to upgrade their parenting skills and bring peace and fun to their homes. She also works with teachers, counselors, and parents, presenting keynote addresses, workshops, and courses on empowering families.

About Natalee

Natalee has a BA in Psychology with a focus on communication. She completed her Honours in Psychology and has worked in counseling and family counseling in various forms over the years. As a Certified Parent Educator, founder of RCB of SA and a PINT Instructor Trainer through the International Network for Children and Families, she was excited to bring that knowledge home to South African families. She believes that the current parent generation is caught between €˜old school parenting€™ which raised children out of fear to be seen and not heard, to more modern parenting where children are very much seen and heard. RCB of SA brings you the perfectly balanced solution where children are raised firmly but kindly.

Natalee was born and raised in Johannesburg, SA, and has worked in education, counseling and in the corporate environment. She has always had a passion for training and helping people with personal development. Since becoming a mom of three boys, her passion has diverted to helping parents raise children who are self-confident, independent and respectful. She believes that bringing fun back into families is key to a positive and peaceful home. Her goals for families include creating open communications and the real connections that foster respect, cooperation and happiness.

Through her sincere, direct approach, her humourous anecdotes and stories, and insightful observations, Natalee offers your family techniques and principles that will build children’s self-esteem and parents confidence. Natalee is a down to earth mom of three boys, which makes her very easy to talk to and relate to. She makes herself available to you because making your home a fun, cooperative, peaceful place is her ultimate goal.

Natalee lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, and can be reached on 082-525-7941 or by clicking here.